GeoTour App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Now Live on the App Store!

by Scott Rock - 10/24/10 9:22 PM

The long-awaited GeoTour app for Apple devices is live on the App Store. This GeoTour mobile app turns any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a personal GPS tour guide by enabling users to search, download, and display GPS tours, called GeoTours. Along the way, users can navigate the tour locations on a map, obtain directions to tour locations using Google Maps, and view multimedia -- video, audio, images, and text -- associated with each location.

The GeoTour app functions as a player of tours, aka GeoTours, rather than as a tour in itself. This app plays any GeoTour on the Geovative website, which includes over 20,000 GeoTours and is growing daily. The GeoTour app enables users to search by keywords or find GeoTours near their current location. GeoTours can be easily downloaded and saved to an Apple device. Multimedia content can either be streamed or downloaded to users' devices, the latter of which is great for use in areas with limited network access.

GeoTourists can view all location on a map, as well their current location. GeoTourists can click on any point of interest to preview its multimedia content. When the GeoTourist is close to any point of interest on the tour they are experiencing, the app automatically triggers the multimedia content for that point of interest.

To create GeoTours to play on this GeoTour app, go to and create a user account. To download the GeoTour app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, go to GeoTour on the App Store. From the GeoTour app, you can then search and download tours.

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