Google Earth Integration

by Scott Rock - 3/7/07 7:58 PM

GeoTours has been Googlized! You can now download and view your tours in Google Earth. Just select Google Earth (KML) on the Download page for your tour. Then click Open and your tour will open directly in Google Earth.

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New Sharing Features

by Scott Rock -

Some exciting features have been added to GeoTours shared on the GeoTours Xchange. Read below to find out more...

Stats Dashboard
Now you can easily see your tour's statistics by using the Stats Dashboard. Here, you can see the number of views, average and number of ratings, number of times other users have added your tour to their Favorites, and the number of comments other users have made about your tour.

Share Tours on the Web
You can now share your tours on various web sites such as, Digg, and Facebook. Simply click the appropriate button underneath the Statistics Dashboard and begin sharing your tour across the web! If you'd rather link directly to your tour from a blog or web page, simply copy the URL shown in the URL text field. Click in the text field and then go to Edit - Copy to copy the URL to your clipboard and then paste it whereever you want. The URL is a permalink that will always take you directly to your shared tour.

Note that these features are only available on shared tours. If your tour isn't already shared, share it today!

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