Tweet me! 10 steps to promote your GeoTour on Twitter

by Jackson Everett - 8/10/09 6:48 PM

All the rage online is Twitter. The big question is if it is a fad or a new communication tool that will last the test of time?

Time will tell, but for now, the debate is if the medium is about communication or promotion. Any good marketer will tell you that promotion is communication and communication is promotion. However, Twitter and social media in general is best when the focus is on communication that educates and informs others about the value of something you have to offer or promote. Think of it as a conversation with friends rather than a commercial for your business.

If you don't know by now, Twitter is a micro-blog. An ultra simplistic social website that allows you to set up a brief profile, link to or "follow" other's profiles and have them link to or "follow" yours. Then you are able to post or "tweet" a message no longer than 140 characters for all of your followers to see. Simple as that.

Twitter can be a place for an individual to tell all of their "followers" what they are doing at any point in the day (eg. "Just got home from work and heading to see the new Transformers movie" or "looks like we are having pizza tonight with the kids").

Twitter can also be used to inform your followers about important news (eg. "traffic is bad heading home on I-95, better take the backroads" or "Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died today, I'm in shock!!"

Now you are asking, what does this have to do with Geovative and my GeoTours? It's simple. Use Twitter to let people know about your tours, your travel, your insights on destinations, etc. Especially Tweet on GeoTours you have just completed or updated.

Here are the 10 steps you need to put in place to promote your tours on Twitter:

1. Set up a Twitter profile for your GeoTours and link to your blog or GeoTours Microsite
2. Do a Twitter search to find related "Tweets" on your GeoTour destinations
3. Check out the Twitter profiles of the people who Tweeted and "follow" them
4. Then follow all of their followers
5. Try to follow about 20 new people a day or 100 a week
6. They will be notified and many will follow you in return
7. Now invite everyone on your email contact list to follow you on your new Twitter link
8. Put a Twitter link or feed on your blog so people can easy follow you
9. Over time, stop following some people. Ideal to have more people following you. 2/3 ratio.
10. Now Tweet. At least once a day.

Tip: Go to BudURL to learn how to create short links to your GeoTour pages or specific blog posts. The BudURL not only allows you to shrink the number of characters but also allows you to track the number of people that use that link. Great for promotional tracking results.

Here are some example Tweets to model:

"Just created a GPS Tour on Yellowstone National Park. 50 points of interest that I hand selected. You can find it at"

"I just updated the New York City GeoTour with restaurants on the top 100 list this year. Tweet back the ones you tried."

"Read article today on San Fran and recent tourism boom. Article link and San Fran GeoTour link"

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and we will be happy to follow you as you promote your GeoTours on Our Twitter link is



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