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by Jackson Everett - 9/1/09 5:49 PM

Encourage tourism to your destination by creating GPS tour guides with the newly enhanced Premier Membership of our GeoTour Creator. This full-featured, web-based application enables you to define points of interest using text, audio, photo and video media. Your GeoTour can be viewed online and downloaded by travelers to a GPS or mp3 device and used as a mobile travel guide.

You get full access, unlimited storage and hosting to develop tours that can be discovered on our GeoTour Xchange search engine and your own branded micro-site. You can also market each tour independently through your website, blog, email and social media campaigns. We even handle shopping cart, payment and fulfillment of each tour purchase, saving you the trouble of processing the sale. To top it off, we provide reporting tools to help you track interest, tour downloads and revenue generated.

Our Premier Membership offers the following benefits.

Create, edit, redesign or delete your GeoTours at any time with full content control and unlimited storage and hosting.

Our advanced search options direct visitors to your GeoTours. Your uniquely branded micro-site displays an index of all your available tour products.

Offer free or premium GeoTours from our website and websites of your choice. Sell advertising that links to local businesses. Attract visitors to your destination.

Our expert team can handle web design, integration and content development for you.

Contact us today so we can walk you through this unique tool that will help visitors explore your destination in a new and exciting way. See our GeoTour Premier page on the web to learn more.

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