New Features Added!

by Scott Rock - 9/20/06 9:08 AM

Many new content feedback features have been added to the GeoTours web application. These include:

- Ratings - For each tour shared on GeoTours Xchange, any logged-in user can now provide a one-time rating from one to five stars. The average rating and total number of ratings are displayed on the tour page.

- Comments - Users can post comments about any shared tour on GeoTours Xchange. These comments are displayed in a list towards the bottom of the tour page and also shows the username of the person leaving the comment and how long ago the comment was posted.

- My Favorites - This new feature allows you to "save" a shared tour as a favorite. It then shows up on your My Favorites page for easy access to the tour.

Login to GeoTours to check out these new features today!!

We highly value your comments and suggestions. Keep them coming! You can leave a comment on the Feedback board on our Forum or send us an email.

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