TomTom and Garmin Route Downloads!

by Scott Rock - 4/8/08 8:29 PM

We've added two new download formats to GeoTours Web--Garmin Routes and TomTom.

Garmin Routes

Would you like to be automatically guided to each tour location when you download a tour in the Garmin TourGuide format? Now you can! Routes are currently compatible with the Garmin nuvi 7xx, 8xx, 9xx, and 5000, all zumo devices, and the StreetPilot 7200 and 7500. When you're downloading a tour to your Garmin GPS device, you'll see a link to download the route. Click this link and follow the instructions to download and install the route to your compatible Garmin device.


Now you can download any tour to a TomTom GO or ONE device. Simply select the TomTom download format on the Download Tour page and follow the instructions provided. Unfortunately, TomTom does not have a POI format like Garmin does with the Garmin TourGuide Format, so the download won't contain any audio or images--just the location names. However, you can also download all the audio and images from the tour and load them to your TomTom device. Then, you can play them manually once you're at the tour locations.


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Sell GPS Tours with GeoTours Premium

by Scott Rock -

Need a new revenue stream for your web site? Now GeoTours Premium lets you SELL the tours you've created! When you choose to sell a tour, users can view all the information (locations, images, audio, etc.) on your tour page or widget, but they must purchase the tour before they are able to download it in any of our compatible download formats (Garmin and TomTom devices, smartphones running GeoTours Mobile, iPods, Google Earth, and more!). As an added benefit, users who try to download your tour through GeoTours Xchange will also be required to purchase it.

You can choose to sell any of the tours you've created and YOU set the price. Every three months, we'll send you a payment containing your revenue from the prior quarter's sales less our commission.

If you've spent the time to create a professional tour or want to capitalize on your current tours, sign up for GeoTours Premium and begin selling tours today!

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