Driving Directions and Routes

by Scott Rock - 6/24/07 8:42 PM

Ever wonder if the tour route you've designed is the most efficient? Want to provide your users (or yourself) with written driving directions throughout your tour? Wait no longer--the answer is here! You will now see two new menu options on your tour pages, Show/Hide Route and Get Directions (see above).

Show/Hide Route will display a route beginning at your first tour location and ending at your last tour location, with stops at every intermediate location along the way. See the screenshot below for an example. Remember that if your tour route isn't the most efficient, you can always rearrange the order of your tour locations by clicking the Move Up or Move Down green arrow buttons on the Tour page.

If you would rather have detailed driving directions to each of the tour locations, simply click on the Get Directions link. This will bring you to a page that displays all of your tour locations on a map and detailed directions shown beneath. The page also shows the multimedia attached to each location (if any) so you can see everything in one place!

Note that driving directions and routes will not be shown if they cannot be calculated. For instance, if there's one tour location in New York City, and another location in London, directions won't be calculated (unless the US and UK decide to build an intercontinental highway sometime soon!).

We hope you enjoy these brand-new features! Be sure to give us feedback on them via our Contact page. Keep in mind that these features will work great if you're trying to share your tour with someone without a GPS receiver!

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Increased Storage Space!

by Scott Rock - 6/18/07 9:35 PM

We've just upgraded and have passed on the benefits to you! Now, instead of 10 megabytes of storage space for your GeoTours images and audio files, you now have 25 MB. That's a 250% increase! And as usual, it's all for FREE!

The Geovative Team

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