Refer Users and Get Cash!

by Scott Rock - 2/5/08 9:10 PM

Need some cash? Read below!

We just finished putting the final touches on the Geovative Affiliate Program. With the Geovative Affiliate Program, we will pay you $17.50 for each paying user your refer to GeoTours Premium. Now that can add up fast!

Here are a few other key points about the Geovative Affiliate Program:
  • Membership is FREE!
  • After signing up, you will receive your own unique Affiliate URL that you can use to direct users to our site. Each time a user clicks on your Affiliate URL link, we'll keep track of it.
  • You can easily create your own image links by choosing from a group of 12 images/banners and then copying and pasting the generated HTML code to your web site.
  • We provide you with instantaneous reports showing your number of clicks, number of users, and all payment history.
  • Payments are made quarterly via PayPal.

Sign up for the Geovative Affiliate Program and start earning today!

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