Enhanced TourGuide Support

by Scott Rock - 8/2/07 10:38 PM

We've just finished upgrading and enhancing the Garmin TourGuide download feature. Now, when you download a tour as a Garmin TourGuide file, you'll see the page shown below. From this page, you'll be able to choose from three ways to download the TourGuide file.

Option 3 is our original method of downloading TourGuide files to your PC to load using POI Loader. Option 2 is the new method of dynamically creating a GPI file that you can then transfer to your Garmin GPS device (more info).

Our newest feature, Option 1, provides a one-step process to transfer the TourGuide file to your Garmin device. This method uses the Garmin Communicator Plugin (which is also used to create tours using saved locations on your Garmin device - more info) to connect your device to the GeoTours application. Once Garmin Communicator detects your device, the TourGuide file will be automatically created and transferred to your device. Once the transfer is complete, you're ready to go take your tour!

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