Improved Downloads!

by Scott Rock - 7/23/07 11:30 AM

Downloading a tour just got even easier! We've made a few key improvements to the way tours are downloaded which should make it even easier and quicker to take your tour offline and into the "real" world.

The improvements include:

  • Garmin TourGuide Files - no longer must you download the files necessary to load using Garmin POI Loader. Instead, you can directly download the tour's Garmin TourGuide POI file in .GPI format. Simply save it to your GPS device's Garmin\POI directory, and off you go! If you'd rather download the GPS Exchange (GPX) file and media files to use POI Loader, that feature is still available.

  • Quick Downloads From Tour Page - now, you can go to a tour's download page with one click by clicking the "Download As..." dropdown box at the top of any tour web page. From this dropdown, select the type or format that you want to download the tour in. If you'd rather choose your download type by looking at a list of compatible devices, then choose the "Choose by Device" option.

  • GPX Only and Media Only Download Options - if you want to download the GPX file or media files separately, now you can. Just choose the appropriate option in the "Download As..." dropdown box.

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having trouble downloading .gpi files. for example (wilderness tour). what is downloaded is just a 4.7kb file. i look at it and it is just one spreadsheet with only the title listed 17 times. what am i doing wrong.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 5:09 PM We can't seem to replicate the issue you're having. Both the GPI and GPX download types worked in our test downloads of the "Wilderness Trail" tour. Are you selecting "Download As - Garmin TourGuide" then clicking the second option to download the TourGuide GPI file? Then are you transferring it to your Garmin device's Garmin\POI folder? If you need further help, please contact us. Thanks!
# posted by Blogger Scott Rock : 5:30 PM We defined a route and dowloaded the route to a trial version of The GeoTours Mobile application. However, when we started testing it in real-life (walking to the POI), the device indicates that distance is 13km, while we were just 100m away of the target...
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 7:24 AM Thanks for your inquiry. Please submit your question through our Support page located at so we can respond to your question.
# posted by Blogger Scott Rock : 8:50 PM

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